Bring life
to your menu

Paperless is the new seamless.
Simple, fast, and way smarter than a paper menu,
Foodorama is much more than another digital menu solution.
It’s the menu, just better!
Paperless is the new seamless. Simple, fast and way smarter than a paper menu, Foodorama is much more than another digital menu solution. It’s the menu, just better!

Boost your sales
with a Menu design
to be seen

On any mobile devices. No need for an App. A dish is more attractive when you can see it. Easy to use and engaging, Foodorama gives you the power to bring life into your menu and blast your customers with an immersive, interactive and visual experience.

Guest Registration

Customers are demanding a more “contactless” experience due to COVID-19.
Your guests can scan the QR Code to check-in to your place on their mobile device.
All information are stored securely and accessible in your user dashboard.

Let’s speak
to the world

Can you and your team speak all the languages on the planet? With Foodorama, your menu does. Any word, any language, instantly.

Always up to date

Add items to your menu in less than a minute, manage your products’ availability in real-time, reorganize menus display throughout the day… all at your fingertip.

Always clean
and bright

Customers are paying attention to hygiene even more now . Paperless and digital is a way to reduce cross-contamination hazards and also offers a safer and eco-friendly menu to your clients.

One link,
endless social reach

Your socials are here to talk about your business. Foodorama is designed to showcase your offer. Link your menu to your website, Instagram, Facebook, Google info or any social media platform and let the world see who you are and what you offer!

Your Menu,
shared in a jiff

Your customers talk about you more than you imagine. Let your menu go viral by having it shared on Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Text and more. Remember most people want to see the menu in advance, before deciding where to eat.

1£ a day

On yearly subscription 12×30£ =360£/y Incl 1 hours starter training and hotline
Start your 30 days Trial for free. No credit Card Required.

A Menu in constant evolution to match the need of a world in constant motion

We, at Foodorama, are committed to making our platform the best for you and your customers. We will regularly improve and add features. And because your point of view is paramount for us, we will always welcome and value your ideas, feedback and comments.

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